Mobile betting at Gamebookers: 1-click settings for one tap bets

Okay, so I hope that we have all learned how to start betting online from a mobile device, no matter if it’s from an Android, or an iPhone or iPad. Now that that’s behind us, we should get to something a bit more serious, don’t you think?

I told you in both our early articles about something called “1-click”, which is the single most important feature you absolutely have to use when betting from your mobile at Gamebookers. 1-click betting allows you to place your favorite bets without losing any time, and, as we all know, time is key when dealing with online betting, and yes, time is money.

Those of you who are already familiar with Gamebookers’ services, be it from your browser or from you mobile device, know that, for safety reasons, if you want to place a bet, you’ll have to follow a few steps. First of all, you choose the event and the stakes of your bet, and you click on the respective stakes.

Second, you have to enter the amount of money you wish to bet, and third, you have to confirm your bet. While this is an excellent process for non-live events, if you want to live bet this way, it will be a living hell. Especially if you do it from your mobile and you don’t have the most stable network connection.

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So, to get rid of all of that hassle, Gamebookers has launched the “1-click betting”, which allows you to place a bet with one single tap. If that sounds like something you would be interested in (I know I was), what you want to do is first choose your 1-click settings.

Fortunately, this is also extremely easy to do and convenient, as Gamebookers will ask you, before starting any individual betting session, for your 1-click settings. That means that, upon every log in, you’ll get a sort of welcoming message prompting you to choose your default stake, and to set two very important odds options.

You can choose to “accept any odds”, or “accept higher odds” (or, of course, the both of them simultaneously). However, you should be very, very careful with setting these options, as they are crucial for the evolution of your live bets. For example, if you choose to accept any odds, it means that, if you try to place a bet and the odds go down before actually being able to place it, you are stuck with the new odds. You see, it’s both a commodity and a risk. But if you don’t take some risks, you can’t possibly win, can you?

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