All you need to know about betting settings and withdrawal options at Bwin mobile

Although the first rule of online betting is not to look at it as a job, career or source of income, but as a hobby, we all know that money plays a crucial role in the life of a betting enthusiast. Whether it’s a top priority or not, everybody wants to make money out of betting, and that’s a fact.

We aren’t going to talk about how you can easily make money out of online betting (not yet, at least), but we are going to quickly look at Bwin’s withdrawal options available for mobile devices. Before anything, however, we are going to talk a bit about general betting settings you can modify on your phone or tablet.

Bwin mobile betting settings

I hope that you all know by now that, in order to access your Bwin account after logging in, you have to click on the first icon on your top right (the one with the three horizontal lines). Once you’re there, you’ll see a “settings” submenu that you should not ignore, as it could seriously make your betting life easier.

There are three options in settings – betting settings, news settings and change limits. The first of the trio allows you to choose whether or not you want to receive bet notifications, how do you want your odds to be displayed and what standard stake do you want to set. That last particular option is a very important one and it could really help you speed up the betting process.

In the “news settings” section, you can choose what kind of e-mails you want Bwin to send you, while “change limits” can be extremely helpful for those of you who are fighting a betting addiction or who suspect they might go too far sometimes.

How to make a Bwin withdrawal from your mobile

There is only one withdrawal option available for Bwin mobile users, but thankfully this is the one used the most often by betting enthusiasts. You can therefore ask for a payment on a credit or debit card, but the one condition you have to comply with is make an initial deposit with the same exact card.

I know that might seem as a bit of a hassle, but it’s a precautionary method needed to ensure the protection of your personal data and bank account information. Also, it’s a precautionary method that many betting operators use these days, so you can’t say Bwin is more rigid than anyone else. That said, we wish you a lot of luck and many withdrawals!


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