Bwin mobile for Android and iOS: quick tips and features

Our introductory journey in Bwin’s mobile betting universe is quickly nearing to an end, but before we wrap up this general talk, we have to give you a couple of extra tips and tell you about some features you absolutely need to know about.

I hope that our previous talks about opening a Bwin account from an Android or iOS-powered device, making a deposit, a withdrawal and using some of the betting settings has not left you with any queries, because today we are going to get into more complex “issues”.

First off, we haven’t talked until now about how to actually place a bet using Bwin mobile. Well, naturally you have to choose the sporting event you want to bet on before anything. To do so, you’ll either tap on the “Sports” menu or the “Live” menu in the Bwin home page.

If you go into “Sports”, you’ll have to choose one from the list, and then the competition. Finally, you’ll have to click on the betting odds of the event you want to place your bet on. The bet will be added to your bet slip, which will then be accessed at the third icon on top (the one where a number will also pop up).

You will of course choose your bet’s stakes and click on “place bet”. I know, it might sound a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t need more than 30 seconds to do all this and place a bet. To place a live bet, you’ll have to pretty much do the same things, although live betting is organized a bit better in my humble opinion.

Now I told you I’m going to give you a few quick tips to make your betting life easier. The first one goes to all you hardcore live betters out there. The “accept odds changes” and “accept higher odds” features can be extremely helpful when you’re in a hurry and you absolutely need to place your bet as quickly as possible.

Beware though of which one of those two options, if any, you choose to go for, because sometimes odds changes can work in your favor. I have already talked a bit about that in a previous post and I’ll probably detail the “issue” in a couple of future articles.

As far as other Bwin features go, there aren’t that many “special” or “innovative” options and functions available to users, but that’s clearly not a bad thing. Simplicity and ease of use are the two things you should look for the most at a mobile betting operator, and Bwin scores major points from both these points of view.


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