Gamebookers mobile betting: quick tips and tricks

As I hope you already figured out, with the help of our first few posts here on our website, online mobile betting is just as easy, if not easier, than desktop mobile betting. Especially when your “partner” is called Gamebookers and has a very friendly interface, basic, but straightforward settings, and an extremely powerful live betting service.

We’ve talked about the steps you need to follow to start betting on Gamebookers from both Android and iOS, we’ve taken a quick look at the 1-click settings, and now it’s time to go a bit more in-depth and offer you a set of tips and tricks to help you make the best out of your online mobile betting experience. Here it goes:

  • Start off carefully and patiently!

I know it’s not easy, but it’s key to not get carried away the first few times you try out Gamebookers’ online mobile betting. It’s crucial to start off with much care, so one of the first things you absolutely need to do is set your stakes low. Especially if you choose to “accept any odds” with 1-click settings, you have to not go overboard and try to keep your budget balanced.

  • Observe, investigate, experience!

Even if you have a very wide experience and expertise with desktop online betting, you need to keep in mind that mobile betting is a whole new world. That’s why it’s better to give yourself some time to get used with the new settings, set of features, and interface before starting to bet big.

  • Use the help section

It’s very easy to get lost in a new world, which is why you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. The “help” section in Gamebookers mobile is accessible at any time and, while not overly complex, will probably get you out of a pickle or two. That is if you aren’t too proud to admit you don’t know everything.

  • Be responsible!

The “responsible gaming” section in Gamebookers mobile might not be as helpful as the dedicated one in the betting service’s desktop version, but if you feel like you are losing control, you might find some wise words there to help you out. Before anything, though, you have to help yourself, and understand that responsible gaming is not about making betting “unfun”, but about not forgetting what’s important, what’s a hobby, and what’s a job.

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