Live betting on your mobile: three things you absolutely need to do

As I’ve said more than one time in the past, mobile and desktop betting are two very different things, which is why it’s important to start fresh if you’re new to online mobile betting. That means you need to forget about the “strategies” you followed when betting on your desktop computer, you have to accept you’re again a novice, and you have to compile brand new strategies to fit your betting style and the new betting universe.

Most of you online betting fanatics probably use mobile betting platforms for live events, as these are time-sensitive, and it often happens that you don’t have a PC or laptop near you when there’s a game you absolutely have to bet on.

But live betting is a very tough challenge when done on a mobile phone or tablet, which is why you have to keep in mind three key things to have a chance of winning:

  • Take your time and be patient!

I know that time is money, especially in live betting, where every second lost can be the difference between heaven and hell. However, you don’t want to hurry when betting on your mobile, because you can do much more harm than when being hesitant and overanalyzing everything.

  • Get to know your betting operator!

No matter if you have decided to go for a single betting account or multiple accounts, you have to take the time to understand a betting operator’s settings, features and preferences. For example, placing a live bet at Bwin usually takes longer than placing one on Gamebookers and you have to know this before deciding to make an “investment” on a certain bet. The examples could go on forever, as there are many differences between Bwin, Gamebookers and Unibet’s settings and features (some of which we have already detailed here on the website).

  • Be responsible!

This piece of advice doesn’t only apply to online mobile betting, but to any form of gambling out there. However, it’s very easy to get frustrated when betting on a mobile device, because there are numerous things that can go wrong and very many “outside” elements that can interfere with your “work”.

Under no circumstance should you get desperate and, no matter what happens, you have to keep your cool, be responsible and only bet what you can afford to spend. We’re going to talk more about this topic in the future, but for now remember to take it easy and look at betting as a game, a hobby and a fun activity to spend some free time.

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