Mobile betting tips and strategies: time management (part two)

After a very exciting and spectacular first matchday of the UEFA Champions League group stage, we are just moments away from the start of the Europe League groups. That means it’s a busy, busy time for all you betting enthusiasts out there, especially that a new week-end of national European football is just around the corner.

We’re taking a short break from offering betting picks (with emphasis on “short”), and we’re back with some more general tips to help you manage your time and money at mobile online betting. We hope you enjoyed our part one of time management tips, and we also hope you got the chance to practice some of our pieces of advice.

Here are some other time management tips for you:

  • Organize yourself with calendars, memos and reminders

This kind of goes against what we believe in most here – that betting is not a sport, but a hobby – but if you have the “habit” of easily panicking and making the wrong decisions when pressured, it might be easy to jot down a betting calendar.

Use the quietest days (Mondays, Thursday or Fridays) to explore the online betting platforms of the different operators you follow, as well as to analyze competitions and make more general, non-time-sensitive bets. That’ll leave you with the busiest days open for more live betting fun, with no pressure whatsoever.

  • Time is money

The old saying can be taken literally here, because any minor timing slip-up at mobile betting can leave you with your back against the wall financial-wise. That’s why you should try to set a sort of a money limit you can afford to bet per hour or half hour spent wagering on your mobile device. You only do it in your 10-minute work breaks? No problem, just set your limit for those breaks, and try to “respect” it.

  • Time + technology + inspiration + perspiration = win

Winning at online betting is not all about inspiration and perspiration, as some say, with time and technology also key. What do I mean about technology? Well, it’s simple. If you own a latest generation iPad or iPhone, you can clearly do things much faster than on an old raggedy Android-based phone from 2007, which is why you should push yourselves more. If however you’re on the other side of that equation… keep it modest!

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