Betting picks October 12: Football, World Cup Qualifiers, Europe

Finally! Fi-na-lly! After what can only be described as a tedious and boring week, it’s time for us to all get back to what we know best and what we love so much – sports and sports betting.

And what a fine day today is for hitting it big at online betting. Matchday 3 of the World Cup 2014 Qualifiers is happening today, Friday, October 12, and, as usual, we will be keeping an eye on the European zone of the Qualifying.

Here are our betting picks for today, selected very carefully out of Bwin’s extremely generous offerings:

1. Liechtenstein – Lithuania Pick: Lithuania 1.45 odds

Vaduz will be today the host of a real “minion” war, but even at that level there’s a pretty major difference between Lithuania and Liechtenstein. The Lithuanians have scored once in the first two qualifying matches, winning a point against Slovakia at home. Meanwhile, Liechtenstein has itself scored once in two matches, but has been heavily beaten by both Slovakia (0-2) and Bosnia (1-8).

2. FYR Macedonia – Croatia Pick: Croatia 1.70 odds

We’re going on a bit of a limb here, thinking that Croatia will have an easy match in Macedonia despite the local pride of the home team being at battle. The two teams have already played each other in Zagreb, and, while Croatia didn’t win very easily (only 1-0), we do believe that Modric and the others have what it takes to win again.

3. Luxembourg – Israel Pick: Israel 1.33 odds

We probably never thought we would say something like this, but Luxembourg has become a side to watch for. The very small team has drawn in Nothern Ireland and has narrowly lost at home with Portugal, being therefore a force to be reckoned with for Israel, who’s been heavily beaten by Russia, only managing to draw Azerbaijan. Still, Israel is a more quality team, and we expect them to fight in order to get back into contention before it’s too late.

4. Bulgaria – Denmark halftime or fulltime X 1.60 odds

After a “normal” win against Armenia and a surprising draw with Italy, Bulgaria is definitely approaching the match against Denmark with winning thoughts. The Scandinavians are however very tough and come after a 0-0 draw against Czech Republic, a result that has every chance of repeating itself in Sofia, at least at halftime.

Total odds: 5.25             Recommended Bwin stake: 10 EUR          Possible winnings: 52.46 EUR

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