Mobile betting tips: three risk factors you have to consider when live betting on tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular sports for online betting enthusiasts across the world, but especially for sports fanatics in Europe. It is also one of the most generous sports when talking about frequency of events, so basically you can’t get bored with tennis or have a betting-free week from January to October.

Naturally, the most important betting operators concentrate a lot of their attention on tennis events, mostly when talking about live wagering. In fact, although we don’t have an accurate statistics on our hands, we are pretty ceratin that tennis is the number two live sport covered, after football, at Bwin, Unibet and Gamebookers.

Live mobile betting on tennis is a bit of a delicate subject though, with the nature of the sport being so unpredictable that most of you probably wouldn’t touch a live tennis match on your mobile device with a six foot pole. And while usually we would be all about precautions and safety, this time around we are going to tell you that you don’t know what you’re missing on if you simply discard live mobile betting on tennis.

That doesn’t mean you should forget all about precautions, with your focus having to be on the following three risk factors:

  • The human factor

Tennis is a sport that drains the physical and mental energy out of its players, so many tennis heroes rely mostly on psychological training. You therefore have to keep in mind that, besides numbers and statistics, you are betting on unpredictable human beings that can crack or rise from the ashes at any time.

  • The technological factor

It’s pretty difficult to keep up with a tennis match when you are watching it live, but when you only have a score from Unibet or Gamebookers to rely on, it’s almost impossible. That said, you should not rely very hard on your mobile device and on the betting interface and try to place bets that aren’t like ticking bombs. Don’t wager on “the next point”, but on the game or set!

  • The time factor

It’s always difficult to predict exactly how long will a tennis match last, so even if you don’t want to place very time-sensitive bets, you shouldn’t go on the long-haul either. Try to focus on events that you know will happen or end in the next tens of minutes or so, and don’t try very cuckoo stuff.

Good luck and don’t forget to come back to our website for more general betting tips like these, but also for specific picks on the most important sporting events worldwide.

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