Unibet mobile: features, statistics and customer service

Usually, when talking about the mobile platform of an online betting operator, we would start off with the sacrifices you’ll have to make. The features or functions that you can easily find when desktop betting, but that aren’t available in mobile betting.

However, when taking a look at Unibet’s new mobile service the first thing any betting enthusiast will notice is that… nothing’s missing. You can register new accounts with a mobile device, you can make a deposit, a withdrawal, place live bets, long-term bets, sports bets, non-sports bets and you can basically do anything you would be able to on a desktop computer.

We have talked in these past few weeks about most of Unibet’s mobile betting functions and features, but we will take the time in one final article to talk about a couple of these things again.

First off, you should take advantage of Unibet’s statistics service, which is updated very frequently and covers all sports you might be interested in. I know that I’ve told you that it is better to limit yourself to sports and competitions you know beforehand, but if you get real bored and think about broadening your area of expertise, the stats on Unibet mobile will lend a very important hand.

To access the service, you have to log in to your account, and then simply click on “statistics” from the bottom of your homepage (the fifth option starting on your left, after “live scores”). You will then see a huge list of sports you can access the stats, and by clicking on them you will of course see a list of competitions and leagues.

Another very cool Unibet feature that you should take advantage of when mobile betting is the very easy to use customer service. The online betting operator has two phone numbers that you can call anytime to ask for help, but if you don’t want to memorize these or save them in your phonebook you can access them at any time from your betting homepage.

After logging in, you’ll want to click on “customer service” from the bottom of your menu (the third option starting on the right, after “change language”). The two phone numbers are one for the UK and one for other Unibet customers, and by simply clicking on them you should get the help needed to solve any issue you might encounter when mobile betting.

That’s about all we wanted to tell you about getting started at Unibet, but this is not the end. It’s on the contrary the beginning of a new phase here on our blog, where we are going to concentrate more on specific betting tips and picks. Stay tuned!


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