World Cup Qualifiers betting, European zone: who will qualify from Groups A, B and C?

There’s a big smile on my face this morning, and I’m sure that most of you reading us are in the same good mood, provided that you listened to us and our betting picks from last Friday. If you happened to not be listening, too bad for you, but don’t sweat it too much, because we will have a new set of picks for you tomorrow, when the 4th matchday of the World Cup Qualifiers will be kicked into gear.

Before that, however, we will talk a bit about the standings in three of the European World Cup Qualifying Groups, trying to find out if there are some long-term bets you can place there to make some money a year from now.

Group A – who will finish in the top two?

Bwin favorites:

  • Belgium – 1.15 odds
  • Croatia – 1.22
  • Serbia – 2.50
  • Wales – 26.00
  • Scotland – 26.00

This seemed like one of the toughest groups to predict from the get-go, but not many would have wagered on Belgium a few months back. After a 3-0 win in Serbia and a 1-1 draw against Croatia, the Belgians are clear favorites to win Group A, next to Croatia, both teams having won seven points in three games. Still, Serbia is one team to look for, while Wales and Scotland can always rise from the dust.

Our tip: Belgium and Croatia

Group B – who will finish in the top two?

Bwin says:

  • Italy – 1.01 odds
  • Czech Republic – 1.75
  • Denmark – 2.40
  • Bulgaria – 6.50

If the number one spot seems sold already, for number two there’ll probably be a huge fight between Czech Republic, Denmark and Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s odds are particularly juicy, with the Balkans having won five points in their first three games, including one against Italy. Still, the Czechs seem stronger, so we’re going to put our money behind Rosicky & co.

Group C

Bwin favorites:

  • Germany – 1.01
  • Sweden – 1.50
  • Republic of Ireland – 2.50
  • Austria – 10.00

This is another group where only the second spot seems open, but if you ask us even that battle doesn’t look that tight. Giovanni Trapattoni’s Irish lads have gotten a huge beating from Germany and we don’t see them as a major threat for a pretty strong Swedish side.

Our tip: Germany and Sweden

The odds might not be as generous as you would have liked, but if you do choose to back Sweden and Czech Republic, for instance, and you put some real money behind them, you might get a nice long-term surprise. Or you can risk it and hope for a surprise from Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria or Serbia. In any case, good luck!


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