Betting tips : Africa Cup of Nations is underway in South Africa

Ivory Coast vs Togo

A team made out of stars, playing for the most powerful championships in Europe would be the best way to describe the Ivory Coast. Naturally they are the favorites of the tournament, as they’ve been for the past 3 tournaments but it’s been 21 years since they last lifted the trophy. Players like Drogba and Eboue are getting old and it might be their last chance to get this into the bag. The bookies over at Unibet are giving them 1.25 odds for a win as opposed to the 12.50 odds Togo is receiving for the Group D opener on the 22nd of January. Not much chance given to Togo but I remember seeing them at the World Cup in 2006 and I loved their fighting spirit. Maybe with a bit of help from Adebayor they can pull of a draw which is given a 5.00 odd.

South Africa vs Angola

Both teams have finished in a draw in the opening matches of Group A, making them eager to score some points in this second match in order to get on top of the leader board. The match is expected to be very balanced but there is a slight advantage to the South African side, being the host nation. No doubt we will see an overwhelming crowd cheering in the stands with drums beating and vuvuzelas singing. It’s probably why the Unibet bookies have given the upper hand to South Africa, with 2.30 odds and a bit higher 3.10 odds to Angola, same as if the match ends in a draw. However, Angola is a very experience team which also makes it a bit old, basing their strategy on defense and relying only on forward Manucho for the offense. But their morale is high, having just beaten the defending champions Zambia in a friendly match this month.

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