Bwin android app review and presentation (for smartphones and tablets)

Even though Bwin has just revamped their mobile portal I think the dedicated app for Android or Iphone would be the wisest choice in this case. If you decide to connect with a browser you might experience slow loading times, even with a decent wi-fi connection. Design wise I would prefer the dark background, found on the web portal, to the white background, which comes with the app. Depending on your phone, black text on white background could sometimes be illegible in sunlight.



Home Screen

Upon entering the app you will find a very simple and cozy user interface, containing four home screens :

  • Top bets – This screen will display the most popular bets of the day.

  • Favourites – A screen containing most popular upcoming bets from important events.
  • Live Betting – Current ongoing events will be found on this screen.
  • Sports Betting – This is the menu with all the available sports for you to browse.

On the upper side of the screen u will see three icons (from left to right): Bet Slip, Log In and Refresh. As I said, pretty simple. Now, if you have an account at Bwin already, you can go ahead and log in, but I actually don’t, so before going any further I am going to guide you through the process of registering an account on a mobile phone.

Screenshot_2013-01-28-21-29-59 Screenshot_2013-01-28-21-32-41 Screenshot_2013-01-28-21-35-43

As soon as you hit the Register button you will be asked to complete the action using your preferred mobile browser. It’s all quite easy, you only have two steps to complete where you are required to add your personal details and your Bwin account information. Make sure you fill in a hard-to-guess password containing numbers, upper and lower case characters, otherwise it won’t complete the registration.

Screenshot_2013-01-28-21-57-08 Screenshot_2013-01-28-22-05-32

There is no option to deposit money from the app either, so you have to rely on the web portal for that and you should know that not all the options available on the regular website can be used within the mobile portal. Only VISA , MasterCard, paysafecard, Neteller and FreeBet are allowed while important e-commerce sites like Moneybookers (Skrill) and PayPal are left out. The withdrawal options are even more limited, with only VISA and Neteller being accepted, but maybe this is just country based and I am a bit unlucky.

Screenshot_2013-01-28-22-08-08 Screenshot_2013-01-28-22-08-15

Assuming you’ve finished with the boring formalities, I am now going to go through the app settings real quick and tell you what you can find in there. Just press the menu button while you’re inside the app and hit Settings. Here you have the following options :

  • Feedback – Rate the app based on your experience and inform Bwin on ways they can improve it.
  • Help – Extra information in case any questions arise.
  • Automatic refresh – Have this checked especially if you like to place Live Bets. Beware if using 2G/3G/4G and you have a data transfer limit. You might be charged extra if going overboard.
  • Stakes – Select the stakes you normally like to bet. You can only set 4 and there is no other way to modify the stakes when you bet, other than this. The defaults are 1, 2, 5 and 10.
  • Odds display – Decimal, fractional or American.
  • Accept higher odds – Between the transmission of your bet request and the actual confirmation, the bet can change. Tick this box if you would like to accept higher odds when the bet changes and you are unaware.
  • Accept any odds – Same as above, but only this time, by ticking you accept any odds that change.


Screenshot_2013-01-28-22-23-19 Screenshot_2013-01-28-22-26-53Now go ahead and find yourself a nice match to bet on. Click on it and you will see all the available bets. You can tick the box which will add the bet to the Bet Slip or just click on the text and you will be presented with the betting window. All you have to do here is select the stakes you’ve previously selected in the settings screen and hit Place bet!


The Bet Slip is pretty standard and easy to get around. After you’ve selected whichever bets interest you, go to Single bet and tick the boxes of the games on which you want to bet and select a stake. The system will place the same stake on each bet. If you want more complex betting, go over to Multi Bet in order to place a bet on multiple games where the odds will add up.


Overall this is a decent app but I’ve seen much better. Hopefully Bwin has a revamp in plan for it, now that they finished upgrading the mobile portal. It could really use a different color in the background so the text would be easier to read. I don’t appreciate the fact that I have to deposit money through the browser either, but at least that’s not something one does very often. I do enjoy the fast response times and the fact that it doesn’t take much resources from my phone, which is why I would use it instead of the web portal.

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