GameBookers mobile app review and presentation (for smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen devices)

Gamebookers is one of the world’s online leading sports book, which was founded in 1998 by the same company operating Bwin and PartyBets. The goal of this sports-focused website is to draw mostly the European casual bettors while being available to the rest of the world as well, except the United States.

The web app provided for Iphone, Android and other smartphones or tablets is similar to the Bwin one and almost identical to the PartyBets one, being developed by the same company.

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The Home Screen

Having just opened Gamebookers’s mobile app, you won’t be fascinated too much by they’re greeting page. You will be faced with only two simple options to choose from : Live and Sports, but you should enjoy the tremendous sports coverage you can choose from, since they brag about offering odds to around 90 different sports.

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User Interface

For the most part navigation is pretty smooth and quite user friendly, but I hope you have a good internet connection since there are many “branches” in the Sports tree to browse through and you will have to open many pages until you find what you’re looking for. A search button would be very welcomed.

The top menu comes very handy and gives you access to basic options like : Home, Back, Refresh, BetSlip and Account. In the account section you can alter some settings for your convenience, like disabling the BetSlip and switch to 1-click mode or you can go change your language, odds display and standard stake in the User Settings.

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Click on Get Started in the home screen which will lead you to the registration page where you will be asked to fill in your Personal Data and Account Data. Make sure you enter your name and address correctly otherwise you might have issues depositing money by credit card. Terms and conditions cannot be read from within the web app so tick the box but remember to read them as soon as possible on the desktop website as these can hurt you later on if you unawarely break the rules.



Unfortunately Gamebookers doesn’t offer the possibility to deposit money through their web app for some reason. It can’t be a software related issue since in Bwin’s app such option is available, so the reason must be that they didn’t have time to implement it. Therefor, remember to top-up your account before you leave home or otherwise endure completing the depositing forms through the desktop version with your smartphone. You can see in the picture above some of the depositing options, which may change depending on your country.

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Well, at least the strongest point is found at the most important aspect of the app and I am referring, of course, to the BetSlip. Unlike other apps I’ve seen Gamebookers’s BetSlip offers a few, very useful, extra options. Besides the common Single Bet, you have a Multi bet and a Multi Live tab, where, depending on how many selections you make, there is the option to choose between more popular complex bets like : Trixie, Yankee or Patent, rather than just placing a regular multiple bet. Also if you wanna place a live bet you will be prompted immediately if you need to accept new odds, which are always changing, or you can just tick the boxes below to accept any odds or only higher odds.


In the end Gamebookers’s web app gets the job done for the most parts, but I would like to see some more work put into it by the developers. With the amount of money they make, I really don’t see why they don’t give this app more attention, considering how many people rely on gadgets to access the internet nowadays.

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