Ladbrokes is struggling to keep up with William Hill’s dominance over UK’s betting market

UK’s market leader, William Hill, hasn’t had much of a competition so far and is enjoying the attention of most of the bettors residing on the British isle.

While more and more people have started using tablets and smartphones as their main means of placing bets online, William Hill has been careful to upgrade their software accordingly.

In the meantime, other companies, like Ladbrokes, are trailing behind, not being able to keep up the pace with technological progress. Even though the former mentioned company has invested £50million recently, the results have yet to be seen in the virtual environment.

They did however gained an 8 percent rise in profit of about £206million in 2012 as opposed to the £204million which was the initial forecast. Enough to keep them on the second place, behind their main rivals, William Hill.

This is mostly due to the bets placed in traditional street shops and also with the little help of a large number of losing tickets placed on popular teams from the English Premier League, like Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal, which have failed to meet their fan’s expectations.

However, there is much more growth expected towards the end of 2013, since Ladbrokes is planning to open another 100 shops this year, on top of the 2.000 already operational shops. There has already been an increase in revenue of 7.2 percent at the start of the year, which seems very promising for the small bookmaker.

In spite of all, the fact remains that William Hill currently holds the crown in the bookmaking business and for certain they have enough experience and knowledge to continue staying on top and counter any strategy their rivals might come up with.

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