William Hill mobile app review and presentation (for smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen devices)

William Hill is one of the oldest gambling companies in the world, founded in 1934, by the son of a farmer from Birmingham and now operating from London, it’s one of the largest bookmaker firms in the UK with a £1.2 billion in revenue at the end of 2011.

Like any respected online bookie, William Hill has developed their own mobile app which can be accessed by any smartphone or tablet with a browser and internet connection. While a standalone app would be more adequate in order to reduce lag times and implement advanced options, the web app doesn’t fail to deliver the basic necessities to the casual bettor.

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The Home Screen

As soon as you type in the address in your browser, you will be greeted with a screen allowing you to choose one of the services provided by William Hill, like Sportsbook, Casino, Bingo or Games. At this time I am interested in sports betting so that’s where I’ll be heading. The Home Screen displays quite small black text on white background which can get a bit harder to read on low-end devices during sunny days. The widgets consist of major sports categories, placed at the top of the screen and some promotional ads below, scrolling automatically back and forth. Finally, there are three sections displaying Top Bets, In-Play (where you can bet on live matches) and Highlights which I quite like because it shows the most important upcoming sporting invents, along with a short preview and picture.

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User Interface

The UI is as simple as it gets and I would suggest the developer to have another look at it. By clicking on the William Hill logo at the top you will end up in the home screen. The Sports button takes you to a page displaying all the sport categories and also some Quick Links options. As soon as you log on, the Log In button will change into Account and once you access it, some extra useful pages links will show up. Don’t get too excited about the Settings though. Only thing you will find there is the option to change the odds format from fractional to decimal.

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In order to register an account, you have to go through three easy steps, after clicking the Join Now button in the Log In screen. First step will guide you through filling in your personal details, while the second will carry on in the same manner by asking your exact address. The third and final step is all about account settings, currency and daily deposit limit. Before accepting the terms and conditions which I strongly suggest you read, make sure you check the website for any promotional codes given out when you create an account for the first time.



Unfortunately, after completing your registration, you will be prompted to also register a credit card and I was shocked to discover that this is the only method available to deposit money. While this is indeed the most popular method, other companies have a much larger variety of depositing options. When trying to withdraw, things get even weirder, as a screen comes up asking you to phone their customer service. This could all just be for security reasons, but there are plenty of secure payment methods available and I don’t see why William Hill should limit their options so drastically.

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No surprises when it comes to betting. As with most smartphone apps, the Betslip is forever present, adding to its list any bet you consider worthy. Just browse through your favorite sports categories or Live bets and pick the odds you think will win. They will be immediately added to your Betslip and from there select a stake, double check to see if everything is alright and hit the little green button in the lower right corner. If you want to place a multiple, you need to have at least three bets added to your Betslip, which will force the proper screen to show up underneath Single Bets.


In conclusion, William Hill’s mobile app is not one to stand out in a crowd. It does get the job done, but at the cost of frustrating loading times and having to access the high resolution desktop version of the browser for depositing and withdrawals.

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