App review and presentation – Newly released Unibet Android app is shockingly impressive

While most online bookies are struggling to develop more complex iOS and android apps to cover all the basic functionality of their desktop websites in a friendly and appealing manner for mobile betting platforms, Unibet has recently come up with an amazing Android app which deals with match, team, player statistics and live scores.


The Home Screen
Simply called Dashboard, the home screen is the first thing you see when entering the app and its totally customizable. Here you can add your favorite European clubs, national teams, championships, cups or even international championships. However only Australia’s and some European championships are covered by the app, while national teams get full coverage. Simply click on add favorites and search your favorite team or pick them up from the list and you’re done. The Dashboard is also available as a widget on your tablet’s or smartphone’s home screen and lock screen (Android 4.2.2) for very fast access.


Team Statistics
When clicking on a team you will receive a page with information regarding matches, standings in local championship or European cups and the full list of players. The matches page is absolutely astonishing, since you can scroll down to games played over 8 years ago. I am not sure where the list ends, because I got tired of scrolling after 2004. The best part is that you can click on any of these games and you will receive full details of the event. You can also see the team’s upcoming matches if you swipe to the right, in a list which holds around 10 fixtures.


Match Page
As you would expect, the match page changes depending if it’s a past or future game you are accessing. Past game pages are more comprehensive, offering you basic info like referee, stadium or attendance and full match statistics ranging from shots on goal to even goalkeeper kicks. You can also view yellow/red cards, substitutions and full line-up, which includes substitute players. The future game pages obviously show less information but more than you will ever need. Here you have Head-to-head past matches results, Unibet odds and also compared statistics showing wins, draws, losses and goals of the 2 teams in the past ten matches.


Player Page
If you think that’s all, guess again, because when you click on a player you will see a complete list of personal details and accomplishments. You can basically check out the player’s stats in all the competitive events he’s taken part of. Goals made, goal frequency, assists and total matches played are just a small part of the info provided by Unibet.


In case you just want to see which games are playing on a specific day, all you have to do is simply go to the menu and click on Calendar. Unfortunately only the events covered by the app will be shown here. The green horizontal line is there to mark that at least one event will be played that day.


The app’s menu can be opened by placing your finger on the left edge of your device and swiping to the right, which will drag it in front of your screen. This is actually more of a quick jump menu rather than a settings menu. From here you can access your Dashboard, Calendar, Live Now page, History and Settings. I found the History page to be very useful since you can jump to previously viewed pages and in an app containing so much information this option is very welcomed. In settings you will mostly find details about the app, help section, disclaimer, feedback and other non-important stuff.

In the future we would like to see a wider range of events being covered, which includes internal championships from South America, North America and Asia. Other than that Unibet’s Football Stats Centre is a very user friendly app, has plenty of information and is all-in-all perfect if you ask me. If you wish to check it out yourselves, it’s free for download in Google’s Play Store.

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