2014 Olympics Free Bet – Just Take Advantage of It

2014 Olympics Free Bet

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games is about to start in Sochi and will be running till the 23rd February, and the world is excited. The Winter Olympics are special, there is the snowy atmosphere and sports that you don’t normally see, like skeleton and speed skating.

Some of the fun of the Winter Olympics is learning the rules of the sports as you go along. A lot of people are choosing to add a little bit more excitement to the sports of the Winter Olympics by having a bet, you can bet on most of the sports during the Olympics and it can be a great way to pick a competitor or country to support.

One huge bonus of choosing to place a bet on the Olympics is that as it is such a big market, many of the big betting companies are offering an Olympics free bet, to get you signed up to their services. You can then use this free bet to place a bet on one of the Sochi sports and increase the excitement of watching the games.

Two of the biggest betting companies are offering a 2014 Olympics free bet, William Hill and Unibet.

1. William Hill 2014 Olympics Free Bet

William Hill are offering a £25 free bet. You can place the free bet on any sport, including the Olympics sports and the Olympics medal bets as they are classed as sports.

All you have to do to get the free bet is sign for an account on the William Hill website, place a bet of £25 of your own and then they will deposit £25 into your bank account, which you can then use to place a bet on any sport you want. Anything from the men’s skeleton to the women’s speed skating.

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2. Unibet 2014 Olympics Free Bet

Unibet have a similar offer to William Hill, but they also have an extra deal which is fantastic.

The original deal they offer is a free £25 bet, in the same manner. You deposit £25, place a bet and then Unibet will give you a £25 which you can then spend on any bet, including the Winter Olympics.

The thing which sells it for me over William Hill is that Unibet are offering a £10, risk free bet when you place your first bet through their mobile app. This is a simple method to gain a completely risk free to you bet on the Sochi Games. All you have to do is download their mobile app, which is available on Android or iOS. Deposit £10 and play it, you can play it on whatever you want including any Winter Olympics sport. If you win your bet, great, you get your stake returned and your winnings. If you are unfortunately enough to lose your bet, then Unibet will give you your £10 back into your account, meaning that you have lost nothing.

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If you are looking for a free way of placing a bet and enjoying the Olympics, then Unibet’s £10 mobile offer is fantastic, but the two £25 offers from both William Hill and Unibet are great offers too.

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