What Are The Men’s Snowboarding Betting 2014 Olympics Odds?

Men's Snowboarding Betting 2014 Olympics Odds

Snowboarding is without a doubt one of the most famous and popular winter sports in the world, almost everybody wants to know how to snowboard as it is cool, fun and great exercise.

For that reason, at the Winter Olympics, snowboarding is one of the most watched and gambled on sports in the games. So there is a lot of interest in men’s snowboarding betting 2014 Olympics.

Generally speaking most bookmakers offer odds on who will win the gold medal for the men in the Snowboarding competition. Three of the biggest bookmakers, William HillPinnacle Sports and Unibet all offer odds for the winner and gold medal taker of the Snowboarding in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

What Are The Men’s Snowboarding Betting 2014 Olympics Odds?

As one of the most popular markets for the 2014 Olympics, most bookies will offer odds on it, and most bookies agree with who the favorite is to take home the gold in Snowboarding Cross at the Sochi Games. They all agree that Australian Alex Pullis is the favorite to take home the gold with both William Hill and Pinnacle Sports putting him as their favorite. Pinnacle Sports are offering odds of 4.47 that he will win the gold medal, while William Hill are offering odds of 5.00, so if you agree that Alex Pullis will take home the gold, then William Hill are going to offer you increased winnings if he does.

Where snowboarding and other Winter Olympic sports differ is that there is no absolute favorite like there is with some other Olympic sports. While Pullis is agreed on as the favorite, it is only by a short margin on Pinnacle Sports and on William Hill the second favorite is actually on the same odds as the favorite. Meaning that William Hill think it could go either way and that Pullis is by no means nailed on to win.

The second favorite to win is a man called Markus Schairer, he hails from Austria, the country full of ski resorts. He is quite young (26) and this is first Olympic Games, so it will be interested to see how he performs under the pressure and whether he can perform up the almost favorite level that he is at. Pinnacle Sports are offering odds of 5.52 for the Austrian, whereas  William Hill are offering odds of 5.00, the same as Alex Pullis. So if you have confidence in the Olympics first timer, then place your bet with Pinnacle Sports, as you will get slightly better odds.

After this Pinnacle Sports don’t offer any other odds, William Hill have American Nate Holland as the third favorite with odds of 8.00. After this the odds go above 10.00, so William Hill clearly think that Pullis, Schairer or on an outside chance Holland are the only boarders with a chance of taking home the gold. Other men’s snowboarding betting 2014 Olympics odds are available but they getting in to the realms of extremely long odds. Men’s Snowboarding Betting 2014 Olympics

Betting on Men’s Snowboarding 2014 Olympics in Sochi

You may find great odds for the Men’s Snowboarding event in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics at the following bookmakers:

Place your bets on the Men’s Snowboarding Betting 2014 Olympics! 🙂

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