Men’s Curling Betting 2014 Olympics

Men's Curling betting 2014 Olympics Men’s Curling betting 2014 Olympics options are great when you check out the lines on Pinnacle Sports and William Hill. With so many interesting teams in Men’s Curling, it could be anybody’s game this year in Sochi for the Men’s Curling Betting 2014 Olympics.

The Lines for Men’s Curling Betting 2014 Olympics

The lines show that Canada (2.1) and Sweden (5.4) are the frontrunners in the competition on William Hill.

However, Curling is done in a tournament style, and that also allows for Great Britain and Switzerland to make some noise.

On Pinnacle Sports, Canada has a 1.629 future to win the gold medal. With odds like that two websites agreeing that Canada is the favorite, there is no doubt that Canada is out in front.

Being able to watch the odds on favorite to play their best matches and win gold in this exciting sport is something that we can all enjoy, and we might even be able to make a little money on it, as well.

Betting on Men’s Curling 2014 Olympics in Sochi

You may find great odds for the Men’s Curling event in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics at the following bookmakers:

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