What Are The Men’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds?

Men's Speed Skating betting 2014 olympics

Men’s Speed Skating betting 2014 Olympics is one of the most popular markets for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. This is because of how popular the sport is and how many different markets there are. Men’s speed skating has numerous different distances, each with their own field. There is everything from 500 meters to 10000 meters.

Men’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 500 meters


The shortest distance in the speed skating. Two of the largest bookies, Pinnacle Sports and Unibet have the favorite as the same person. They both believe that Tae-Bum Mo will take the gold in the 500 meters. But the odds are quite different. Pinnacle Sports offering the significantly better odds (if you win) at 5.39, whereas Unibet are sticking him at 3.75. So if you choose to go with the favorite, your winnings will be higher if your go with Pinnacle Sports.

Second favorite goes with Michel Mulder, and he is only second by a small margin. Pinnacle Sports put him level with Bum Mo at 5.39 whereas, Unibet are putting him at 5.00, a little bit further behind than the odds they are giving for Bum Mo. Pinnacle Sports again offering the better odds if you choose to back Mulder.

Men’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 1000 Meters

The second shortest distance again has a clear favorite being offered by both Pinnacle Sports and Unibet. There is no doubt in this race who they think they will win, with the USA’s Shani Davis being the favorite for both. Unibet offering odds of 2.00 and Pinnacle offering odds of 2.40, so Pinnacle being the way to go if you fancy Davis to take the gold.

They both clearly think that Davis will win as the second favorite for both of them USA’s Brian Hanson comes quite a bit behind in the odds, with Pinnacle Sports offering 5.14 and Unibet offering 5.50, both bookies clearly favoring the other USA man.

Men’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 1500 Meters

1500 meters is the third longest distance for the men’s speed skating. In this case bookies William Hill and Pinnacle Sports both believe that the favorite for the 1000 meters will also take the gold for the 1500, that is Shani Davis. They are offering 4.02 (Pinnacle Sports) and 3.50 (William Hill). So they don’t think it is going to be quite as clear cut as the 1000 but still a definite favorite.

Men’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 5000 Meters

We are now entering the long distance speed skating field and in this distance both Pinnacle Sports and Unibet have absolutely no doubt who is going to take the gold, with the Netherlands Sven Kramer being the favorite by a massive margin. Pinnacle Sports have him at 1.167 and Unibet have him at 1.15, they both clearly believe he is going to nail it as the second favorite (Jorrit Bergsma) is at 6.12 (Pinnacle Sports) and 7.00 (Unibet).

Men’s Speed Skating  Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 10000 Meters

Finally, the longest distance, the full 10 km. It is pretty similar to the 5000 meters, as Pinnacle Sports (1.182) and have Kramer once again as the clear and absolute favorite to win the gold. With Jorrit Bergsma once again being second for Pinnacle Sports at 5.72. It seems likely that Kramer will take the gold for both the long distance speed skating runs.

Betting on Men’s Speed Skating 2014 Olympics in Sochi

You may find great odds for the Men’s Speed Skating event in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics at the following bookmakers:

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