Three Great Sochi Betting Markets If You Don’t Know Much About The Winter Olympics

Sochi Betting

The Sochi Olympics, the 2014 Winter Olympic games. You may not have been aware that it was happening until fairly recently, as it doesn’t quite have the name recognition of the Summer Olympics. But it is still a huge event, with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people watching around the world, learning about sports they didn’t know much about and generally having a good time watching.

As any sports watcher knows however, one of the most fun ways of participating in a sport from home is by placing a bet, it can increase excitement and give you someone to support. But with something like the winter games, you might not know which sports are best to place a bet on – for maximum enjoyment, this article will give three Sochi betting sports that are easy to understand and bet on.


Three Great Sochi Betting Markets If You Don’t Know Much About The Winter Olympics

Men’s Skeleton

We’re trying to keep it simple, with sports that are easy to understand. It doesn’t get any easier to understand than the skeleton. They just have to reach the end of the ice track without falling off and in a time that is faster than their competitors, simple. There is only one distance so only one set of competitors to keep an eye on.

The current favorite is Martins Dukurs if Latvia, he is being offered at 1.44 by Pinnacle Sports and 1.44 again on William Hill.

Women’s Speed Skating

This is a great sport to bet on because it is exciting to watch, they move around the track at incredible speeds and it is pretty simple to understand as it is a simple race. There are multiple distances ranging from 500 meters to 1000 meters and several Sochi betting options available.

Taking the shortest distance as that is probably the most exciting to watch, the current favorite is Korean Sang-hwa Lee who is being offered at 1.305 by Pinnacle Sports and 1.04 by William Hill. William Hill clearly confident in her ability to take home the gold.

Men’s Ski Jump

This sport is included because it is arguably the most exciting Winter Olympic sport to watch, skiers do huge jumps off ramps and then have to land and ski down the hill at high speeds, its dangerous and exhilarating, people watch to see if anyone fails, but also to be amazed by the skill involved in making the jumps. Also the Sochi betting options are really good.

For the normal size jump, to take home the gold the favorite is Pole Kamil Stoch, although it is quite close and the odds being offered for Kamil Stoch are relatively long for the favorite, 4.12 by Pinnacle Sports and 4.00 by William Hill. The close second favorite is Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer at 4.99 (Pinnacle Sports) and 4.00 (William Hill).


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