Sochi Odds: Why Are Norway’s Olympics Chances So High?


Sochi Odds

When it comes to the Winter Olympics, generally speaking the countries that do better are very different to the ones that do better in the Summer Olympics. This is looking to be no different in the Winter Olympics 2014, taking place in Sochi.

While teams like USA and Team Great Britain often rank high in the medal tables at the Summer Games, it is teams like Norway, Canada and Russia that do well at the Winter Games. One example of this is Norway, who are ranked by most of the major betting sitesas being the clear favorite to take home the most medals, but even in individual sports they are ranked highly. But why is this? Why are Noways Sochi odds so short compared to other nations?

Why Are Norway’s Sochi Odds So Short?

For the overall medal table, Unibet are the only bookies currently still offering this market, and they are offering odds of 1.90 for Norway to win the most golds at the games, with the USA next at a much longer 3.75. So convinced are the other bookies like Pinnacle and William Hill, that Norway will win, that they have stopped taking bets on the overall medals table market. These are some interesting Sochi odds. 🙂

To give another example, one of the most popular events, the downhill alpine skiing. In this sport there is only one favorite across several bookies, both William Hill, who are offering odds of 3.50, and Pinnacle, who are offering odds of 2.99 agree that Norweigen Aksel Lund Svindal will take the gold.

There are countless other examples of sports in which Norway or a Norwegian are the clear favorites to take the gold. More Norwegians are favorites than any other individual nation in the Sochi games.

So why so are Norway so great at winter sports? When they don’t do anywhere near as well at the Summer Olympics? The answer is fairly obvious, Norway is a pretty wintry nation. When you think Norway you think snow, and skiing. There are a lot of ski resorts in Norway and many of the Winter Olympics sports are extremely popular up there – with children starting playing them young and learning the sports and becoming good at them, meaning Norway has a larger pool of talent to choose from.

In less wintry nations, the sports are relatively unknown and so not many people start training for them at a young age and thus the pool of talent is much smaller. This leads to countries like Norway doing extremely well at the Winter Olympics, bookies know this from past experience, they know where the Norwegians are in the rankings in the respective sports and so they shorten the Sochi odds for Norway.

Betting on Sochi Odds

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