Sochi Olympic Odds In Popular Sports

sochi olympic oddsThe games are finally here, that one time every four years when hundreds of thousands of people from around the world show an interest in sports that they never normally care about. Things like skeleton, speed skating and luge.

There are a few exciting sports that are extremely popular though, that really get people watching. Some of these sports are ski jumping, skeleton and bobsleigh. I’m going to give some odds and show who the favorites are in these three popular sports, so you can make an informed decision if you decide to gamble.

Ski Jumping Sochi Olympic Odds

The ski jump is popular due to its thrill and excitement. I’m going to take a look at the men’s normal hill, which is an incredibly exciting event to watch. The favorite in the men’s normal hill ski jump is Kamil Stoch, who hails from Poland. He is offered as the favorite by both William Hill and Pinnacle Sports. William Hill are offering odds of 3.50, whereas Pinnacle Sports are offering odds of 3.72.

The second favorite is Gregor Schlierenzauer, who is not too far behind at William Hill, with odds of 4.00. Pinnacle Sports however, believe that he is well behind Stoch offering odds of 6.16.

Skeleton Sochi Olympic Odds

The skeleton is another thrilling Winter Olympics sports. The sight of people on nothing but a thin board racing down an ice track at high speeds is awesome. We’re going to look at the favorites to take the gold in the women’s skeleton. The favorite for the women’s skeleton is Brit Elizabeth Yarnold, who is being offered at odds of 2.30 by William Hill and 2.32 by Pinnacle Sports .

In second favorite place is the USA’s Noelle Pikus-Pace, who is being offered at 3.00 by William Hill, and 2.87 by Pinnacle Sports . So it is quite a close race at the top of the women’s skeleton, and it could easily go either way on the day.

Bobsleigh Sochi Olympic Odds

Everybody love bobsleigh, especially this year as a Jamaican bobsleigh team will be taking part (they are not exactly favorites though). It is a sport that is relatively simple and everyone understands, it is also a lot of fun so people can really get behind a team at the Olympics, be it one of the more favorite nations (like the USA), or one of the lesser favorites (like Jamaica).

The four man bobsleigh is my favorite as it is a large team and a lot of fun to watch. For the four man boblseigh in the 2014, the German team are the favorite, with William Hill offering odds of 3.50 and Pinnacle Sports offering odds of 3.28.

It is quite a close call though with the second favorite, the United States, being very close behind – with odds if 4.00 (William Hill) and 3.44 (Pinnacle Sports ).

Betting on Sochi Olympic Odds

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