Toilets in Sochi Olympic town have no privacy. And they are funny…

Let’s stop here for a moment talking about odds for gold medals in Sochi and let’s have some real fun on the way the Russians built their toilets in the olympic town.

So here is how the toilets in Sochi Olympic Town look like:

Toilets in sochi olympic game

No, they are not in the mirror, they are just one next to the other one.

And the rules: No privacy, no noise, no pissing standing, no throwing up.
If you want to throw up, just go to the showers. LOL.

No reading, no spitting, no cursing and no farting. No, no 🙂

Fun with toilets in Sochi

Of course the olympic athlets have the sens of humour, so they are also using these toilets as a great Sochi 2014 postcard for their fans, friends and families – look on how happy these Swedish ladies look like on the toilets in Sochi.

Swedish olympic athelets in sochi funny toilets

These men have also brought their skies to show the “real depth” of the bathroom, plenty of space of two people sitting together and chatting.


Canadians make pictures with funny toilets in Sochi

This reminds me of the Roman Toilets from 2000 years ago – called by a friend the gossip production center. Like these one below from Ostia Antica. Yeap, they were more than two….

Roman toiles and Sochi 2014 toilets

And since we are on the topic of Sochi 2014 fun, not just toilets in Sochi – it seems that the translation is also suffering from time to time.

What the hell could mean “Lemonade in the ass”?

Maybe it was Lemonade on the ass :-p

Other Sochi fail - Lemonade in the ass

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