USA v. Canada – who has the best Olympic Medals odds?

Olympic Medals Odds

As the two countries that share the North American continent, the friendly rivalry between the United States of America and Canada can be intense. This rivalry is at one of its most intense points during the Winter Olympics, which are taking place in Sochi.

This is because unlike in the Summer Olympics, both Canada and the United States are two of the best countries in the competition, both racking up many medals and appearing at the top of the top of the overall medal charts.

With the 2014 Winter Olympics about to start, it is a good idea to take a look at the Olympic medals odds for both the United States and Canada – to see which one is looking like they will get the most medals this year.

The United States of America Olympic Medals Odds – 2014

The larger of the two countries, the United States, is generally considered to be the favorite for getting the most medals out of the two. In the overall medals market offered by Unibet the United States is the second favorite to get the most medals (after Norway), they are offered at odds of 3.75.

The other market offered for Olympic medals odds for the United States is the over/under market. This is betting that the USA will get over or under a certain number of medals. It is offered by Unibet. Unibet are offering odds of 1.45 that the United States will get more than 10.5 medals (so 11 medals would win, 10 would not), and odds of 2.60 that they will get less than 10.5 medals (10 would win, 11 wouldn’t.

Canada Olympic Medals Odds – 2014

Canada, while still one of the more favorited nations to do well at the Sochi Winter Olympics are a little behind the United States this year. In Unibet’s overall medals market, betting on which nation will get the most gold medals at the Olympics they are the fourth favorite (after Norway, USA and Germany), being offered at odds of 8.00. So quite a distance behind the United States.

Turning to Canada in the over/under market Olympic medals odds being offered by Unibet. The odds they are offering for Canada are over or under 8.5 medals. So slightly less than the USA, Unibet expecting that Canada will not do as well the USA this year. If you place a bet that Canada will get more than 8.5 medals you will get odds of 2.10. If you bet that Canada will get under 8.5 medals you will odds of 2.30. Unibet feeling that Canada will not do spectacularly well in the 2014 games.

So it seems that the United States are the clear favorites to do better in the US/Canada rivalry in 2014. Unless Canada can pull out a miracle they will be the losers according with the Olympic medals odds when the competition starts.


Betting on Gold Medals in 2014 Olympics Sochi

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