What Are The Women’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds?

Women's Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds

Speed Skating is in incredibly exciting sport, with athletes racing around an ice track and unbelievably high speed. It is exciting, terrifying and heart stopping, and that is why it has massive viewership and massive gambling on the various markets. There are five different speed skating distances in the women category – 500m, 1000m, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m.


Women’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 500m

Taking two of the biggest bookies for the Winter Olympics, Unibet and Pinnacle Sports – both agree that there is one favorite, Sang-hwa Lee of Korea. She is a clear favorite with the odds for second place being significantly longer. Unibet are offering odds of 1.30 and Pinnacle Sports are offering odds of 1.305, not much in it but Pinnacle Sports offering the slightly better odds.

For second place they both agree that Beixing Wang of China has the second best chance of taking the gold. Although are odds are quite long at 8.00 (Unibet ) and 8.88 (Pinnacle Sports).

Women’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 1000m

Again, the two bookies have the same favorite. The American Heather Richardson is the favorite, although the odds between first and second are quite close. Unibet give odds of 2.25 and Pinnacle Sports give odds of 2.21, so very close together, although Unibet are giving a slightly greater return.

In second place Ireen Wust of the Netherlands appears. Unibet offering odds of 2.85 and Pinnacle offering odds of 3.16, Unibet thinking that the race is a lot tighter than Pinnacle Sports. So if you think Wust will win then place your bet with Pinnacle Sports.

Women’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 1500m

Ireen Wust might be second place for the 1000 meters, but she is the clear favorite for the 1500 meters. Both Unibet and Pinnacle Sports have her as the absolute favorite with odds for second place being much longer. Unibet put her 1.40 and Pinnacle give her 1.357, so they are clearly confident she will win

Second place favorite is Lotte van Beek, but she is miles behind Wust in the odds, with Unibet giving her 8.00 and Pinnacle Sports giving her 6.12.

Women’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics Odds – 3000m

In the 3000m womens speed skating, Unibet and Pinnacle Sports sports disagree on who the favorite is, although both their first and second favorite are extremely close in odds. Unibet think that Wust, who is favorite for the 1500m is also favorite for the 3000m and give her odds of 2.00 and giving their second place Martina Sablikova the same odds at 2.00. Pinnacle Sports however swap the places, with Sablikova being the favorite at 2.16, and Wust in second place 2.22. They both agree that other members in the field are not very likely to come anywhere near to win.

Women’s Speed Skating Betting 2014 Olympics – 5000m

She may not be the definite favorite for the 3000m, but both Unibet and Pinnacle Sports has her as the clear favorite for the 5000m. Unibet give her odds as 1.20 and Pinnacle Sports have her at 1.274, with the second place Wust being at 6.00 (Unibet ) and 6.65 (Pinnacle Sports).

Betting on Women’s Speed Skating 2014 Olympics in Sochi

You may find great odds for the Women’s Speed Skating event in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics at the following bookmakers:

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