Women’s Ski Jumping Betting 2014 Olympics Odds

For the first time in Olympic history, women will compete in Ski Jumping. So, also for the first time Women’s Ski Jumping Betting will also occur. Tuesday, February 11th will be the day of the first time event. Altogether, 30 women are entered to compete for the Women’s Ski Jumping Betting 2014 OlympicsWomen's Ski Jumping betting 2014 olympics

Women’s Ski Jumping Betting 2014 Olympics Sochi – New Olympic Event

This event is the culmination of years of effort by female Olympic athletes to add both Women’s Ski Jump and Women’s Ski Jumping Betting. At the last Olympics, a ski jumper association actually sued to force the 2010 Olympics to hold a women’s event. And, while the judge ruled that indeed, women were discriminated against by not having their own jumping event, he declined to order the Olympics to host the event due to a lack of jurisdiction. However, this year the Olympics stopped fighting the obvious and voted to host Women’s Ski Jumping. The standard reasons of not enough jumpers or possible harm to one’s uterus had ceased to be meaningful. Now, Women’s Ski Jumping Betting is a reality.

Prominent Athletes To Consider for Women’s Ski Jumping Betting

And as things go, most of the women of championship caliber have managed to hurt themselves in an Olympic year, affecting the odds of Women’s Ski Jumping Betting. Prominent sport members, including Daniela Iraschko, the 2011 World Champion, who fell in Hinterzarten and withdrew, Anja Tepeš who suffered a serious injury on 17 March in Oslo, 2013 Cup de France winner Espiau suffered a knee injury in June, and on 12 August 2013 Alexandra Pretorius, two-times women’s Grand Prix winner, who suffered a serious knee injury in Courchevel have all spent time on the disabled list. Sarah Hendrickson, the 2013 World Champion, suffered knee ligament damage in Oberstdorf. Jacqueline Seifriedsberger fell during the training jumps for the World Cup event and on 3 January 2014 Svenja Würth fell during training jumps. On 11 January 2014, Ema Klinec, ranking first after the first jump, fell on her second. The Women’s Ski Jumping Betting has changed to due withdrawn and recently injured competitors.

Women’s Ski Jumping Betting 2014 olympics Line

Nonetheless, the field is up and running for the event in Sochi and here are the current odds. From pinnaclesports.com, currently only three athletes are listed. Sara Takanashi from Japan is listed as the favorite under Moneyline at 1.355. Sarah Hendrickson from the United States is listed at 12.110. Daniela Iraschko is listed at 4.440.

At Unibet.com’s Sportsbook, more athletes are listed. First again is Sara Takanashi, at 1.40 odds to win. Daniela Iraschko is listed at 4.50. Sarah Hendrickson is next at 7.5. C. Vogt has odds of 12.00. Coline Matel and Y. Ito have odds of 25.00. I. Avvakumova is listed at 30.00. At 35.00 are M. Vtic and M. Lundby. The other United States contestants are J. Jerome and Lindsay Vonn, both listed at 75.00. Both Jerome and Vonn are also fighting injuries.

The athletes in Women’s Ski Jumping Betting have odds listed on only one event because this is all they will compete in. The men, on the other hand, will compete in three events overall. The women look forward to expanding their participation in the future. Hopefully, they will fare better than baseball which wound up getting booted out after just a few tries at the Olympics.

Betting on Women’s Ski Jumping 2014 Olympics in Sochi

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