Unibet Social Betting Review – Great App for Mobile

Unibet Social BettingUnibet expanded social betting in order to combine social sharing and betting. The idea of this app is that you can place your bet on any sports event, and then you can share this bet with your friends via popular social network websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Betting on sports

This isn’t a betting app of real money. It is just aimed to have fun whereas betting on the result of sports events such as baseball matches, races, tennis games, soccer and other games you care.
Sharing your bets

It’s an interesting concept. It is much faster and easier when betting with your friends due to the notifications of upcoming sports events and of course you can bet with your buddies even though they are far away from you.

The Unibet Social Betting App provides you with news of all sports events and the sharing of betting work very well. In addition, this app is also available on your mobile phone.

Comparison of Unibet Social Betting App and Unibet Mobile Casino

When comparing with normal Mobile Casino, Unibet Social Betting App is better in my opinion since it’s much easier for you to bet, play games and deposit real bets with your account.


The Unibet Social Betting App is good but has nothing special. If you want fun, safe, easy sports betting on the mobile phone, android, iPhone or blackberry, you might have much better bets with Mobile Casino app of Unibet, which is always available for free.

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