Bwin bet PROTEKTOR is a unique insurance for Multi – bets


Recieve your money back with Bwin bet PROTEKTOR

Any insurance in betting is more than welcome. For this reason, Bwin offers Bwin bet PROTEKTOR, which is a unique feature in betting world.


When you place a Multi bet nothing it could be 100% sure, even if you calculated very well your decision. Something unexpected happens and you lose all your money. With Bwin bet PROTEKTOR this kind of situation will become ancient history.

Therefore, Bwin bet PROTEKTOR helps you insure a number of picks when you place a Multi bet. It is easy to use and all you have to do is to choose your bets, select your picks, and benefit from PROTEKTOR feature.

We can choose the number of picks you want to ensure and the PROTEKTOR will let you know the cost. You can place the bet as you usually do, after you have ensured how many picks you wanted.

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Bwin bet PROTEKTOR could be used to insure pre-match, such as Multi-bets placed on Main book. You cannot insure live bets. The cost for this kind of insurance is influenced by the combined odds, the number of selections you want to ensure and the stake.

When you use Bwin bet PROTEKTOR, there is no limit of the selections that could be insured in a Multi bet. If your bet was a successful one, you will get the total winnings of your bet, but your PROTEKTOR cost will not be return.

If your bet is lost, but you had ensured it, you will receive the stake and PROTEKTOR cost. If your bet is lost, but it is not enough insured, you will not be able to receive any money.

Therefore, it is easy to use and allows you to place bets less risky.