5Dimes Android app increases your overall betting experience

5Dimes Android app

Track your bets with 5Dimes Android app!

Betting requires much time, effort, and devotion, but it offers numerous advantages, as well as the chance to be winner. With 5Dimes Android app, it is easier to enjoy a pleasant beating experience.


The 5Dimes Group offers its clients a secure betting environment and a wide range of sports. From the first 5Dimes club that was established in 1996 to present, this betting agency has become the first choice for many clients.

No, you can enjoy a 5Dimes Android app – Bet Tracker App, perfect for Android gadgets, but also for iPhone and BlackBerry. Why should you use this app? Because it helps you track all the bets you make every day, every week or even every year.

Therefore, you can work easily with your 5Dimes betting account.

5Dimes Android app is usefull and it is free


5Dimes Android app is useful for so many reasons. If you want to search a certain game stats or all the betting lines of a game or just a score, you can do it with the BET Tracker App.

The most important thing is that allows you follow the bets just buy using your mobile device. You will see the bet that you have placed as an “Open Bet “and the score will be real-time updates, so that you will easily keep track.

When you place a bet, it is sent automatically to your 5Dimes Android app Bet Tracker app. In just a few seconds after the games over you can see the bets’ results and very soon your 5Dimes account will be updated.

Do you want to install Bet Tracker? Just open the Android Market App, search for the Bet Tracker application, select it for the list to download and open the app. Therefore, you can save time with this Android app if you are 5Dimes clients. Clearly, it doesn’t matter where you are, because you will always have with you detailed information about bet you have placed.