football betting

Betting picks October 23: Football, Champions League, Group Stage, matchweek 3

We can’t say we’ve done very well with our underdog betting picks this weekend, but hopefully getting back to our usual “comfort zone” will help us [...]

Betting tips: football underdogs to be watched this weekend (October 19-21)

We’ve only been writing on this blog for a few months, so we’re still trying to find our groove. That said, we will be experimenting with different kinds [...]

Betting picks October 16: Football, World Cup Qualifiers, European Zone

Who’s up for some football betting today? What’s that, you all are? Well, you should be, because we are in for a treat again, with the 4th matchday of the [...]

World Cup Qualifiers betting, European zone: who will qualify from Groups A, B and C?

There’s a big smile on my face this morning, and I’m sure that most of you reading us are in the same good mood, provided that you listened to us and our [...]

Betting picks October 12: Football, World Cup Qualifiers, Europe

Finally! Fi-na-lly! After what can only be described as a tedious and boring week, it’s time for us to all get back to what we know best and what we love so [...]

Bwin promotions: place 3-way single bets on football matches and win big cash!

There isn’t much happening in worldwide sports these days, with the entire football world having to wait a full three days before a new exciting World Cup [...]

Unibet special offers and promotions: 0-0 insurance on all Champions League matches

As you may already know and as you can see on the betting bonus section of our website, there aren't very many and varied bonuses offered by the most [...]

Betting picks September 19: Football, Champions League, group stage

It’s very hard to reject the temptation of wagering on the spectacular football matches of UEFA Champions League, even when it’s the first matchday of the [...]

Betting tips September 11: Football, World Cup Qualifiers, Europe

The first matchday of the European World Cup Qualifiers has been rather tough on gamblers, who’ve had to deal with a lot of surprising results, very many [...]

The road to Rio starts today! Three tips for betting on World Cup Qualifiers – Europe

Although some of us might still be under the impression of an extraordinary European Championship, we have to forget about the past and look towards the [...]
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