GameBookers mobile app review and presentation (for smartphones, tablets and other touchscreen devices)

Gamebookers is one of the world's online leading sports book, which was founded in 1998 by the same company operating Bwin and PartyBets. The goal of this [...]

Betting picks October 16: Football, World Cup Qualifiers, European Zone

Who’s up for some football betting today? What’s that, you all are? Well, you should be, because we are in for a treat again, with the 4th matchday of the [...]

Betting picks September 19: Football, Champions League, group stage

It’s very hard to reject the temptation of wagering on the spectacular football matches of UEFA Champions League, even when it’s the first matchday of the [...]

Gamebookers betting picks for September 15: European Football

There are probably a lot of websites and blogs that offer you so-called “risk-free” betting picks and tips, and, while we’re not ready to take that [...]

The road to Rio starts today! Three tips for betting on World Cup Qualifiers – Europe

Although some of us might still be under the impression of an extraordinary European Championship, we have to forget about the past and look towards the [...]

Live betting on your mobile: three things you absolutely need to do

As I’ve said more than one time in the past, mobile and desktop betting are two very different things, which is why it’s important to start fresh if [...]

Gamebookers mobile betting: quick tips and tricks

As I hope you already figured out, with the help of our first few posts here on our website, online mobile betting is just as easy, if not easier, than desktop [...]

Mobile betting at Gamebookers: 1-click settings for one tap bets

Okay, so I hope that we have all learned how to start betting online from a mobile device, no matter if it’s from an Android, or an iPhone or iPad. Now that [...]

Start betting at Gamebookers from your iPhone or iPad in seconds!

I’m sure that you’ve all fallen victim at some point to some sort of commercial that claimed you can do this or that in a matter of seconds only to find [...]
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